Meet the Sparkdriver team:

Matthew John

“As long as a company's business processes are solid, it is better to build a computer system around the company, rather than changing the company to work around the computer system” — Matthew John.

In 1998 Matthew started his own company providing computer consultancy to a range of clients including, The Post office, Marstons Brewery, Wolverhampton and Dudley, Pyramid Posters.

With his broad experience in the computer industry and his analytical approach to solving problems, Matthew John is an invaluable member of the Sparkdriver team.

Matthew has been working in the Computer Industry since graduating in 1995 from De Montfort University in Leicester. While at University he studied Software Engineering, which is concerned with specifying, designing, developing and maintaining software applications by applying technologies and practices from computer science, project management, and other fields.

His first job was the installation of network computer systems for a company based in Hinckley. Before he left he was in charge of scheduing the workload for 4 network engineers as well as proving quotes for the network architecture.

Colin Brown

“Your website should inspire confidence and allow your customers to find what they want quickly. I love building sites that are fast, simple and easy to use because it can give a real competitive advantage” — Colin Brown.

In 2003 Colin started his own company building web sites and systems, teaming up with Matthew John on several successful projects. This lead them to formalise their business relationship by establishing Sparkdriver.

He has worked in IT since 1995. He was part of the Computer Systems team supporting Transco's (now National Grid) System Control department, which controls the UK gas network. He lead the design and development of an issue tracking system used nationwide across Transco's five gas control centres and built a variety of intranet applications. In 1999 he moved to Advantica in Loughborough to work on knowledge management systems and built his first public web sites. 2001 saw him take the technical lead of a team producing web applications for a range of external clients.

Colin has a degree in physics from Kings College Cambridge. As part of his degree he gained industry experience through a placement at British Steel's research centre, writing software to perform fractal analysis on fracture surfaces. University based projects included refinement of a software simulation for modeling chaotic star orbits in our galaxy.